Burns Valley Elementary School (K -7th Grades)

Technology Demonstration School

Located in the heart of Clearlake, Burns Valley provides a dynamic learning environment. Imagine using the latest technology to explore historic sites from all over the world, or learn how and why technology works. A technology demonstration school encourages teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences. 3D imaging, 3D printing, computer programming, coding and virtual labs are examples of how learning experiences can be transformed using technology that allow students to learn in different ways, become critical thinkers and demonstrate their knowledge in exciting new ways, resulting in higher student achievement.


BVS continues to take pride in our quality curriculum and superb teachers who deliver the material to our students. We currently have highly qualified teachers who work hard every day teaching the skills that your child needs to succeed. We believe what we are doing here.



January Harvest of the Month: Leafy greens

Konocti Unified School District is proudly part of the Harvest of the Month and Lake County Farm to School Program. December’s harvest is ...

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